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Gabbi is a digital health solution aimed at accurately & inclusively predicting a woman’s risk for breast cancer and equips her to take action with community support.

It is consumer-friendly breast cancer risk calculator that can propose a health action plan and link users to a network of women in the same risk population. Gabbi’s risk calculator prompts a woman to enter information such as her age, ethnicity, and age at first period, and then provides her with an assessment of her risk of breast cancer. The tool also provides an action plan that can be taken to a healthcare provider, for instance suggesting that a woman at elevated risk receive enhanced screening, such as an MRI, or a mammogram earlier in life than she normally would be advised to. Users also will be connected with a community of women at similar risk.

Challenge Overview

There is a serious lack of recognition that each woman has unique traits that necessitate tailored health care. 90% of women have no idea what their personal breast cancer risk is. Existing risk models are currently only used in a clinical setting, with varying degrees of compliance, most commonly with imaging centers and OB/GYNs.

Only around 10% of the women who are placed through these risk models find out what their risk is based on the model.

Solution overview

Gabbi delivers a risk assessment platform for women to examine and understand their risk profile, develop the necessary action plan, and organize a community of women on the same journey for payors aiming to cut costs associated with delayed diagnoses in breast cancer.

Gabbi's unique risk assessment model ("GRAM") uses a machine learning engine in conjunction with existing risk models to generate the best risk model for each patient. To build an improved and complete risk assessment, the proprietary algorithm layers in an extended dataset from characteristics such as social determinants of health (i.e. geographic location, socioeconomic position, race), diet, and more. Gabbi's main services include a risk calculator, a personalized action plan, and community support.

The risk calculator calculates a woman's lifetime breast cancer risk.

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