ashlon frank

hello, I’m ashlon

innovation | products | insights

As a product innovator, I have a zeal for building

products from scratch. I am deeply committed

to creating user experiences that drive

business outcomes, and discovery processes

that steer innovation.

here’s what

I have been building

New Product Development | Customer Discovery |

Product & Pricing Strategy


enhancing truck operator safety

Patent publication – 20230114575

The Klifra Step is a power-actuated

multifunctional stair designed to streamline

loading and unloading tasks for truck

operators. This solution targets heavy-duty

curtain-side trucks and aims to provide a

time-saving, easy-to-use, and safe solution

that meets the expectations of operators.

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Product Strategy | Service Design


a better way to manage food waste.

A matchmaking service that connects

producers of waste to consumers

(waste diverters and transformers)

in the local ecosystem to prevent

food from ending up in landfills.

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Game Product Development | VR | Game Design

Imitation Game: VR Pong Challenge

an immersive pong tournament

Imitation game is a Virtual Reality game

that blends classic Pong gameplay with

the latest AI advancements. It explores

machine learning into game

development to create unique AI

behaviors for NPC's.

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Thought Leadership | Language Learning |

Extended Reality

Foreign Language Learning

unexplored realms of Extended Reality

An exploration of how XR technologies

can revolutionize the second language

learning, by overcoming the shortfalls

of existing foreign language learning

methods and allow us to learn

naturally like we did as a child.

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Product Design


making late-stage cancer OBSOLETE.

Gabbi is a digital health solution aimed

at accurately & inclusively predicting a

woman’s risk for breast cancer and

equips her to take action with

community support.

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